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Empowering Our Clients

Greenlight Mortgage Group was founded by seasoned home loan professionals who believed in better rates, better service, and happier clients.

Noel Bennett

Partner  |  Senior Loan Originator

NMLS# 290197

c: (303) 829-3986


I have been in the residential lending world since 2002, and I’ve seen it from all angles. Having been a mortgage broker, a private mortgage banker for a large bank, and a branch manager and originator at two different firms on the correspondent lending side, I think I have a unique perspective when it comes to loans. Why do I do what I do? I have a love of connection, with clients, real estate agents, financial planners, attorneys, CPA’s and more. Applying my knowledge, gleaned from years of experience in the mortgage industry, to each individual client’s specific needs is the number one love in my career. There is no “one-size-fits-all” in the mortgage business.


A native to Boulder, Colorado (or as close as one can be, Noel has lived in Boulder since he was 2), Noel attended CU and after graduation traveled and did A LOT of different jobs before finding his place as a Loan Officer. Boulder is where Noel met his wife and raised his amazing two kids, and to this day he knows that Colorado offers so much to his family in the form of outdoor access and overall quality of life. While they can’t imagine living anywhere else, they also enjoy traveling the world, and have many fun stories to share.


If not traveling, Noel will be spending time together with his wife and dogs, and/or his almost-adult kids when they allow for it. You will also find him riding dirt-bikes, skiing, hiking, or enjoying the amazing restaurants in our city.


Noel is always looking for ways to give back to the communities he lends in, and the broader world, with his business driving that ability.

5.0 on Google (67)

Noel is the best. Deserves way more than five stars. He stays on top of things and does what it takes to make a deal successful. We had a short fuse transition as our home
In Portland Oregon sold within minutes of being listed and we were moving to Colorado. When our buyer defaulted on his commitments and we couldn’t meet the agreed to loan requirements to buy our new home, Noel actually found a lender who would help us close on the home of our dreams. I’ll repeat that- we couldn’t get a loan through Noel’s previous organization so he found another loan institution and another loan officer to help us close. Ethical, committed, genius and a truly sincere and wonderful person.

Darlene Reed

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Noel has helped me with 3 mortgages. The things I like most about working with him: 1.) His ability to explain everything in a way I understand. 2.) He is reliable and trustworthy. 3.) He is a very kind and calm fellow in the face of what can be a big stressful life decision - taking out a huge loan! And lastly he is very responsive and communicative. Thank you so much Noel for your help over the years.

Amy C

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Noel was great to work with. My partner and I were looking to buy a home together. She has been through the home buying process before, but I have not. He made the process as seamless as possible. What made working with Noel the best for me was how communicative he was throughout. You could reach him anytime with a question and he'd respond promptly. That was a big plus for me. Highly recommend.

Bryce Richardson

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Noel and his team are simply exceptional. Noel’s professional acumen is matched by his warmth and his ability to produce results within extremely tight timelines! Drawing on his breadth of professional knowledge, Noel was generous with his time, never hesitating to explain how the current rate environment, the workings of home financing, and future trends led to recommendations uniquely tailored to our needs. I recommend Noel and his teams in the highest terms.

Michael Gayner

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Noel and his team are extremely thorough and attentive to their clients. I had a 15 day closing period per my contract, and everything we needed was executed flawlessly and without incident despite the compressed timeline. We recommend our clients personally to Noel on a regular basis, and for good reason!

Luke Giusto

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Noel is fantastic! I have been working with him personally, and professionally as a realtor, for 12 years. He is diligent, responsive, a great trouble shooter, and gets it all done with a calm, confident and compassionate demeanor. I can HIGHLY recommend Noel for home purchases and refinances.

Angela Moss

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Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Noel is committed to helping our communities age in place when desired. Reverse mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) can be a life-changing tool.


Please watch this short video to learn more!

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